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THE UNEXPLAINED: Things that have happened that I will never understand...

Up until I was about 16 or so, I didn't really believe in the paranormal. Even now, I'm more likely to search for a 'normal' explanation of something that has happened rather than immediately jump on the "It's A Ghost!!" boat. I'm the one that always scoffs during the episodes of 'Ghost Hunters' and 'Ghost Adventures' and I'm sorry, but I never hear about 95% of these EVPs that they supposedly get. I'm almost 36 yrs old and I will be the first to admit, however, that through the years, I have had several experiences that defy basic, normal reasons for why they have happened. I am going to include, below the cut, a few of them and ask that I get your opinions of them. Maybe I'm missing something from the equation that I haven't thought of before? I don't know...

Having had a father that worked for a government contractor, I ended up spending most of my adolescent years in the country of Turkey. My parents and I had just moved into a new house out near the beach shortly after my 16th birthday when it was decided that I needed to come back to the States for some school testing. Why is this information important? Because I didn't *know* the house was haunted. I hadn't really lived there.

I moved back to Turkey approximately six months after we had originally moved into the new house there. It was late October, and as it was usually cool in the evenings, I slept with my windows shut and locked. I routinely checked these every night before I would even consider going to sleep. In order for my bedroom door to stay shut, you had to lock it from the inside. Again, I slept with the door shut, so therefore, it was locked. I distinctly remember checking it before I went to bed.

Anyways, I'm laying there, in bed, sound asleep, kind of on my back but on my side too, and something wakes me up. It's cool in the room and extremely quiet. That was the first thing that tipped me off that something wasn't right. I rolled over onto my back and lifted my head up and looked down at the foot of my bed. The room was bright since there was a full moon and I could clearly see that there was *someone* sitting at the foot of my bed. I could feel the weight of them sitting there. I remember thinking to myself "Uh huh, that's fascinating." and then I rolled over and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up, and looked and I could see where someone had been there, sitting at the foot of the bed. What was weird... The windows were all still locked tight, from the inside and the bedroom door was still locked.

The incident, 19+ years later, is still crystal clear in my mind. I still get a little freaked out about it if I sit and analyze it too much.

But I did find out that the house was built on an old Turkish cemetery. That would explain the other things that took place in that house (possibly??), not only to me, but to my other family members as well.


Shortly after the above experience, I was getting ready to go up to the base (my father worked on a base called Sinop. It was an Army/Navy base that has since closed down and reverted to Turkish military use) and my parents were already up there waiting for me. It was bitter cold in the house, as they basically built the homes with cinder blocks and plaster but not insulation, etc and this was late Fall/early Winter. Because it was so cold, I had locked the one cat in the living room with the dog and made sure that the door was secured. I took MY cat into the bathroom, closed the door so he couldn't get out, and started my shower.

As I was in the shower, washing the conditioner out of my hair, I noticed that the water got cold what seemed really quickly. I figured I had been in the shower longer than I thought and quickly finished up. As I got out of the shower, I could hear water running, but thought nothing of it and passed it off as the tub draining, etc. I walked out onto the 2nd floor landing of the house, wrapped in a towel and the cat in my arms, and stopped. I could clearly hear water running, fast. Puzzled, I put the cat in my room, grabbed my robe from the back of my door, and headed downstairs where the sound was coming from.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and the first thing I noticed was that the living room door was still closed tight. Completely confused, I walked into the kitchen and found the hot water faucet in the sink turned on FULL BLAST. Freaked out, I reached and turned off the water and turned to go back upstairs to get dressed and get the hell out of the house, when the water turned on AGAIN. At that point, I called a cab, got dressed (sans makeup and drying hair) and hauled ass out there!!


The last DISTINCT one that took place was on New Year's Eve. Sinop is a harbor town and ships will come in and anchor in the harbor whenever there is a bad storm blowing in. This particular year, we had a blizzard on it's way and the harbor was packed full of ships (tankers, cargo ships, fishing trowlers, etc). My oldest sister (she was the only one other than myself that was still in Turkey at this point) and I were in the living room watching a movie, while our parents were in the dining area (but in the same 'room' technicially) playing a game.

We noticed that midnight was approaching and it had just started snowing. Gathering up the champagne from the balcony outside (it was so cold, it had chilled quite nicely! LOL) and locking the door to the balcony, I walked over to windows and watched the ships getting ready for the New Year. I could see all of their lights coming on, etc and since there were so many of them, it was like a starry night out on the water. At this point, it was almost eerily calm as it was just snowing, the harbor waters were calm and the storm hadn't actualy hit yet.

We started counting down til midnight and as it hit midnight, all the ships in the harbor began blowing their horns, etc, announcing the New Year. At that EXACT MOMENT, every window and door to our house blew open and this massive wind, out of nowhere just blew through the house! As soon as the horns in the harbor stopped, the wind stopped. All four of us could only stare around in shock! We couldn't even say anything! We went around, closed everything up so that the animals didn't get out and went to bed. I mean, what else could we do, you know??

I can't explain these things... Most everything I can explain away. Since I moved back to the States right before I turned 17, I have had like 4 other things happen that I just can't explain.



Lisa Goldman said...

One word to explain...creepy. I have had several people tell me about ghost stories and I get freaked out everytime. I haven't experienced anything. Thank God. I don't know how you went to bed on New Years. I'd be walking around with dark circles under my eyes until I moved out.

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